Northern Ireland SEALS
Northern Ireland SEALS

Our Business

Our business is to prepare our clients to counter and manage threats and risks of terrorism, serious crime and violence, through specialist safety and security consultancy and training for individuals, families and private and public sector organisations including the police and military. Our Motto is "Prepare to Protect".


Our Professional Status - the company is an approved UK training Centre for Highfield and Pearson awarding organisations and is registered with the UK Security Industry Authority (SIA); and uses the abbreviated name NI SEALS.


UK & International Services  - we aim to provide effective safety and security consultancy and training services for clients working, living, visiting and travelling abroad in high risk and hostile environments and war zones. Our services are suitable for:- 

  • governments and public sector bodies
  • law enforcement and military agencies
  • emergency services
  • commercial and private organisations
  • individuals and families
  • Persons under specific threats or potential risks


Northern Ireland Services - we provide independent and confidential consultancy services to individuals, families and organisations who have received threats or demands from terrorist and paramilitary groups or criminals. These include threats to personal safety and property and business interests/assets. Our professional risk assessors will also evaluate all official advice or guidance already provided by any police/public service agency including recommendations relating to personal and physical protective measures and lifestyle risk management; and provide a 'second opinion' report, if required.


Client Interests - in order to help protect our client's interests and ensure they receive an effective and efficient service, our strategy is to fully involve our clients and their representatives in all stages of consultancy and decision making; this is achieved with the aid of our 3E consultancy and planning model: a continuing process of Evaluation, Education and Eradication.


UK Pricing Arrangements - security and first aid training prices are as advertised and include all training materials/manuals etc. Consultancy and training consultancy services are priced by negotiation/agreement after client needs have been identified and discussed. Price considerations include travelling, accommodation and meals for staff required to deliver services outside Northern Ireland. Payments methods are by agreement.


International Pricing Arrangements - all international services are priced by negotiation and agreement. Price considerations include threats/risks to staff safety, insurance, location, specific service requested and amount of staff/time/materials/equipment required. NI SEALS staff are experienced international travellers with extensive experience of hostile environments and are used to working and living in temporary and secure  accommodation. Payment methods are by agreement.    


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